MS Amlin AG (Bermuda Branch)

141 Front Street, City of Hamilton, Bermuda, HM 19 | Directions

A pioneer in the insurance industry, MS Amlin AG (Bermuda Branch) has built a flawless reputation through hard work and commitment to our customers. We’re globally recognized for our insurance and reinsurance services.

MS Amlin AG (Bermuda Branch) plc was incorporated and floated on the London Stock Exchange as Angerstrin Underwriting Trust PLC. In 2006, MS Amlin Bermuda was launched as a specialist re-insurer capitalized at $1bn. We are underwriting experts and have in-depth knowledge of the areas we insure. With over 2000 staff member in 25 locations worldwide, we are committed to delivering continuity for businesses and ensure that all of our clients are treated fairly. We are available to assist you when your business faces complex and demanding risks. Our risk management framework helps us to calculate and manage all of the key internal and external risks for achieving our objectives.

We aim to be the global reference point for quality in our market. Contact us and be a part of our journey.