Dame Marjore Bean Hope Academy (Government Special & Alternative Programmes)

Dame Marjore Bean Hope Academy 10 Old Military Road, Devonshire Parish, Bermuda, DV 02 | Directions
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The Bermuda Ministry of Education espouses a philosophy of inclusion. All students, except for those with multiple physical challenges or severe behavioral problems, are now educated in regular classroom settings. Support for these students, in the form of learning support teachers and paraeducators, is put in to place to increase the opportunities for students success.


Students with multiple challenges (primarily a combination of physical and cognitive challenges) are accommodated in one special school, Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy, which has a maximum enrollment of 25 students.
Students with severe behavioral problems are accommodated in one special school, The Educational Centre which has a maximum enrollment of approximately 30 students.


The Ministry of Education’s 38 schools features state-of-the-art technology, and well-maintained facilities and grounds. Our schools and administrative facilities house about 6,000 students and 1200 employees.

  • For Children With Mutiple Physical Challenges
  • For Children With Severe Behavioral Problems
  • Increase The Opportunities For Students Success
  • State-Of-The-Art Technology
  • Well-Maintained Facilities & Grounds