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Flexible accounting and consulting solutions for Bermuda businesses since 1988.
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Let ABS in Bermuda handle your bookkeeping and accounting requirements. Our experienced team provides flexible services tailored to your business needs and budget. We are a highly cost-effective solution for small to medium size businesses providing expert guidance and advice regarding all aspects of business in Bermuda, particularly employment and payroll tax issues.


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  • Full Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
  • Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Advice On Sales & Purchace Of A Business
  • Banking Advisory
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

I would like to hire a student who is taking time off from school but will be re-enrolling in the next school year – what benefits am I responsible for?

An employee is not considered a student unless they are currently registered in a full-time education program. All standard benefits/costs are the responsibility of the employer.

What is the difference between a backup and a portable Quickbooks file?

A portable file is a compact copy of your company file small enough to email or save to portable media. A backup file is a complete copy of all information and includes transaction logs that may be used by an Intuit technician to restore damaged data. It contains everything you need to re-create your company file in case of accidental loss of data but it is very large – too big to email.

I currently prepare my weekly payroll on an excel spreadsheet. Some employees are hourly paid with overtime and some are weekly paid. This is a very time consuming exercise. Is there a quicker, more efficient way to prepare this?

Quickbooks is an excellent choice for preparing payroll here in Bermuda. Provided it is set up correctly initially (you may need professional assistance), it is very quick and all your expenses and liabilities are recorded at the same time.

I have recently started a new business and cash outlay has been considerable setting up the new offices. These costs will prevent any chance of making a profit in the first year. Is there anything I can do?

These costs can be capitalized and expensed over the life of the office lease – spreading the costs throughout the time you occupy this office space.

My business is primarily cost and charge. How can I make sure that I am recovering all my time and expenses?

Quickbooks has an excellent timesheet section which, once time is posted, can automatically be transferred to an invoice for your customer. Expenses can also be tracked with the customer’s name and added to their invoice. Quickbooks will report on any unbilled time and costs. Timesheet data can also be used to prepare payroll for your employees. (ie. Time is entered once but can be used to automatically generate invoices and payroll)

I maintain my own business accounting records but am not always certain where costs/revenues should be allocated. What is the best way to deal with this?

Set up an account to post all the things you are unsure about in one place and then get professional assistance to review these transactions.