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Lamb Foggo Closes For COVID-19 Disinfectant Deep Clean
The Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre will not be open for the rest of this weekend to enable a deep clean following a...
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Delivering safe, high-quality, people-centred, compassionate care, every day

Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI) is the only psychiatric hospital in Bermuda. Our goal is to ensure that every patient is safe, comfortable, and receives the highest quality health care. MWI delivers substance abuse, intellectual disability, and mental health services for adults, children and adolescents. If you or anyone you know feels they need help from a mental health specialist, please don't hesitate to stop by our walk-in clinic.


For more information, please visit our website. https://bermudahospitals.bm/services-listing/mental-health/mid-atlantic-wellness-institute/

  • Substance Abuse (Turning Point)
  • Mental Health Services
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Child & Adolescence Services