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This is text keyed into the description field. It should be a brief description of a business and should be keyed in as full sentences. Keying anything in this Description field creates an E-Page. You can also key bulleted lists into a description as shown below. If doing so, you should key a bold Title to start the list by using basic html code for bold as shown here (don't forget to close the bold html code). Title for Description List of Points • Description List Point 1 • Description List Point 2 The Difference Between a Description List of Points and Bullet Points Description List Points(inside of E-Page) You will notice that this Description List of Points appear as part of the description and always appear before the address in the listing. Please note that only part of the description will appear directly in the listing results and these Description List Points may not be visible until clicking the "More..." link that take the user to the E-Page. Bullet Points Field (outside of the E-Page) If you want Bullet Points to ALWAYS appear in the listing results, use the Bullet Points Field, however these will not appear inside of the E-Page.

  • Keyed in as Location 1 Bullet Point 1
  • Keyed in as Location 1 Bullet Point 2
  • Keyed in as Location 2 Bullet Point 1
  • Keyed in as Location 2 Bullet Point 2