Action on Alzheimer's & Dementia

PO Box FL 88, Flatt's Village, Bermuda, FL BX | Directions
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Every brain is at risk.
Giving support to people living with Alzheimer’s in Bermuda.

Alzheimer’s is one of numerous types of dementia, and the most common. A progressive disease that destroys areas of the brain, it causes memory loss, confusion, and eventual loss of speech, understanding and movement. The disease has no current cure, but there are treatments for symptoms, which, combined with supportive services, can make life better for those living with Alzheimer’s.


Along with practical resources and emotional support, AAD provides financial assistance for medications and equipment to those in need, along with free home assessments and occupational therapy. AAD also organizes weekly activities for those with dementia through a partnership with WindReach Recreational Village, Warwick, and Peace Lutheran Church, Paget—including art, music, laughter therapy, bocce ball and animal interaction.