Pathways Bermuda

61 Verdmont Rd, Smith's Parish, Bermuda, FL02
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Pathways Bermuda, a Strategic Partner of Caron Treatment Centers, is a non-profit addiction treatment provider dedicated to providing permanent paths to healing for those individuals and families in our community whose lives have been devastated by addiction.
Pathways Bermuda is focused on local services, programs and the delivery of charity care where the need is critical.
Established in 2007 as Caron Bermuda, the organization changed its name to Pathways Bermuda in 2014 and is a Registered Bermuda Charity (#806).
Pathways Bermuda operates on a fee-for-service basis, in addition to providing scholarships for treatment, based upon means testing, clinical evaluations, motivation assessment and philanthropic support. Men, women, adolescents and family members are treated at Pathways Bermuda, and we provide on-island outpatient services and direct access to world class, quality off-island residential treatment at Caron US Treatment Centers in Pennsylvania, Florida.