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Every property owner should have the details of your property's boundaries. Whether you are selling your home, preparing to renovate/build, or simply wanting to confirm the boundaries of your most valuable asset, a current land survey and property plan is important to have.

Over the years, boundaries become unclear for various reasons including the growth of foliage and encroachments by neighbouring properties. We suggest having the boundaries identified before placing your home on the market as the sale transaction could otherwise be delayed as any buyer will be advised by his bank and attorney that the boundaries must be identified by a qualified surveyor and a current property plan be supplied.

Give your buyer confidence in the purchase and avoid later.

  • Boundary Services 
  • Topographic Services 
  • Constrution Setting Out
  • Subdivison of Land

C.H.B. Crisson Ltd. is committed to providing a courteous, accurate and efficient service to all our clients. We are a well established professional company with over 60 years of experience in engineering and land surveys.
We utilize the latest in surveying technology with a completely automated data capture system producing digital survey plans and accurate positioning services.

All land surveys are completed by a Bermuda Registered Surveyors.

Our archives of thousands of records include the Land Surveys of Robert H. Clarke, Gauntlett & Jones Ltd., P.A.D. Smith, Thomas Godet, J.H. Dale, Ted Gauntlett Chartered Surveyor, Gauntlett Chartered (Land) Surveyors and Surveying Services Ltd.