Artistic Expressions - Rainbow of Colors Manifestations

17 Derwent Lane, Devonshire Parish, Bermuda, HM 15
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Disc Jockey Edmund Trott is now offering a series of theatrical backdrops designed to enhance party setting. Having used them at select functions with much success, he is now offering them to patrons of his company.

All DJ’s In Bermuda - Entertainment Specialist 2016/17/18/19/20

Commercial and Celebrity and Red Carpet and (item) Manifestations Gallery Lite up (Illusionary) state art Children’s Party Themes for all Government and Private Schools.  Rainbow color Christmas Children’s Party Stage Accessory Art.  Lite Up Christmas Trees Traditions color and glowing in the dark.  Plexiglass mirror glowing in the dark Red and Green and Special Effect great for fireworks display at locations and position pick up reflective burst of light in the night skies.  Mobile-off and on stage Theatre Artificial comes from sunny Northern and Southern California Los Angeles capital (American Product)  in the Pacific Ocean home of movie producers such as Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Warner Brothers, Buena Vista, settings, writers, actors and actresses musical artists of Hollywood, California Universal Studios, Disney MGM, UK Epcot Centers Business makers and Artistic Impressions movie TV scenes and background category Programs and contracts Web Site Advertising Experimental Promotional Marketing Product (Productivity) Mobile Corporate Business, Video TV, Media Commercial Film musical performances.  Other related business venues of choice and DJ’s of choice for musical performances.  Other related businesses.  Non (Regular) party suppliers themes and parties with creative and variety and little bit of class only need apply.

For more information call 292-1678 - am/pm Mr. Edmund E. (Radio) Cruise ships) Trott (Party rentals) Music showcase.  Mobile Services and entertainment.  Also ideal for the America’s Cup Regatta in 2017.

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