Premier Health and Wellness Center

38 King Street, HM 04, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda, Bermuda, HM 12 | Directions
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Premier Health & Wellness Center - Areas of Expertise 
High blood pressure, shortness of breath, palpitations, chest pains, cardiac or heart related conditions  
Respiratory (Lung) related problems 
Indigestion and digestive disorders 
Urinary tract infections, urinary disorders and other kidney diseases 
Back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and joint problems 
Collagen vascular disorders i.e. Lupus erythematosus 
Diabetes, cholesterol and lipid related disorders, metabolic disorders 
Thyroid problems including hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism;
Neurological disorders, strokes, headaches, migraines, seizures or epilepsy and Men’s health and wellness.

•Annual Physical Exams, TCD Physical Exams, Family Medicine, Cardiac Exercise Stress Testing, Electrocardiograms "ECG", Lung Function Testomg's "Spirometry", Minor Urgent Care, Food Allergy Testing,  Chronic Disease Management,

Treatment for diabetes: Type 1 diabetes | Type 2 diabetes • Diabetes Education • Treatment for adrenal disorders • Pituitary Disorders • Thyroid Nodules and Thyroid Cancer • Treatment for osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease • Endocrinology Physician Team •

CBC Blood Test: • Metabolic Panels: • Clotting Tests: • Lipid Panel: • Thyroid Panel: