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What is Marooned Clothing?

It is an ocean focused brand founded to promote the beauty of the ocean and the need for its protection.

But what does this all mean… The concept is simple, but effective.


Four dollars of each Marooned Clothing product sold goes directly to Marooned Oceans registered charity. This money is then used to protect/promote the beauty of the oceans.


We believe that cleaning up the oceans is only part of the problem. People also need to be confronted by the beauty of the oceans in order to desire to protect it in any way they can.


By buying Marooned Clothing, even if you are nowhere near the oceans, $4 of the money you spend on one of the products will go to various projects that will work towards protecting the ocean.


(The details of each project supported will be set out on the Marooned Clothing website and by following us on instagram you will have the opportunity to vote on projects that you feel the money should be used for).