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As Bermuda’s leading non-surgical spine and sport medicine doctors, we focus on the whole patient experience using up-to-date evidence based protocols. We value your time, never double book, and consistently run on time in our modern comfortable clinic. Our team of primary spine care providers will develop and help you implement solutions that meet and exceed your goals for health and performance.


Specially educated to care for patients with spinal disease, Doctors of Chiropractic have many tasks: diagnose, rule out serious pathology (cancer, fracture, infection, etc.), and provide evidence-based care through a wide variety of modalities, rehabilitative exercise, education about the condition, counseling, and organize all facets of care (testing, imaging & co-management).


Whether you are suffering from a “slipped” disc, vertigo, sports injury, pregnancy pains, or those “niggly” pains you haven’t found a solution for, a musculoskeletal specialist can be your greatest asset. We can also help those seeking education and coaching on how to Eat Move and Think in genetically congruent ways to maximize health and performance.


We have teamed with Catherine Burns (Nutritionist) and Ashwin Nathi (Registered Massage Therapist) as leading medical journals tout the benefits of a multidisciplinary wholistic approach to optimal health.


Dr. Danielle Marr DC, CMA, ART, CMA – Pediatrics and Pregnancy


Dr. Ryan Parker DC


Dr. Reid Robinson DC, Wellness Practitioner


Dr. Craig Rowat DC , Bkin, CSCS, CMA