National Drug Control

Melbourne House, Suite 304, Parliament Street, City of Hamilton, Beermuda, HM 12 | Directions
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Minimizing Drug Use in Bermuda

The Department of National Drug Control advocates for and educates the public on the prevention of drug use as well as harm reduction for drug users, treatment and rehabilitation. It offers advice, resources and financial support in the fight against drug abuse, concerning alcohol, tobacco and a broad range of additional substances.

The Department of National Drug Control runs women's and men's treatment programmes at Palmetto Palms in Devonshire, Marlborough Gardens in Southampton and in St. George's. It aims to provide innovative, effective rehabilitation options to Bermuda residents and also conducts research and develops drug policy legislation.

  • Drug Use Prevention & Education
  • Harm Reduction for Drug Users
  • Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs
  • Educational & Financial Resources for Drug Prevention, Treatment & Rehabilitation
  • Promotion of Treatment for Addiction
  • Research & Legislation Development for Island Drug Policy
  • Women’s & Men’s Treatment Programmes