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Old Hospital Bldg., 7 Point Finger Rd., Paget Parish, DV 04 | Directions
The Hamilton Health Center has temporarily relocated
The Hamilton Health Centre on Victoria Street has relocated its services temporarily to the 3rd Floor, Reid Hall, 3...
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The island's Health Ministry promotes a vision for an equitable and sustainable health system that promotes and protects the well being of Bermudians.


We manage services for seniors and assist the differently abled in order to ensure access to resources and also monitor long term care homes. We are constantly working towards building an affordable and effective health care system and protecting the community from public threats. We manage Bermuda's Department of Health, Health Insurance, office of the Chief Medical Officer and the Department of Ageing and Disability Services.


The Health Ministry is committed to upholding the Government’s commitment to international treaties and conventions related to health and international reporting requirements.