Eettafel Bermuda

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Luxury Picnics

Our Luxury Picnics provide a landscape for every special celebration, whether a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, bridal shower, event launch, styled shoot, client entertainment or just because .....  your guests are guaranteed to be amazed!

Prices Start at $399 for our luxury Breakfast Picnic,

$499 for our Luxury Lunch Picnic,

and $599 for our luxury Dinner Picnic


Private Parties

Eettafel thoughtfully plans customized, full service Private Parties in beautiful homes or venues by designing elevated experiences for your guests and connecting you with all the right vendors


Corporate Events

Our team is here to take care of all your design and experience needs from special events to corporate engagements. Every event is approached with an artistic passion and experiential element because we love what we do.

  • Luxury Picnics
  • Private Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Graze Tables