Health Infusion Bermuda

Ashley House, 2 Mills Creek Lane, City of Hamilton, Bermuda, | Directions

Enhance your body in function and form


Enhancing your overall wellness is our ultimate goal and our clinic provides the services to achieve it. 


Recognizing we cannot always choose the state of our health, we believe we can make conscious choices and active decisions towards improving it. On a small island with limited resources, our clinic empowers its clients to have greater influence over their holistic and aesthetic wellness by providing access to sophisticated, proven services.

Health Infusion Bermuda Ltd. includes a small group of top practitioners with international experience and education of the highest calibre.


We are owned and operated by a lawyer, with a penchant for quality and compliance, and have established relationships with local practitioners ensuring a client-centric, collaborative approach to wellness.


Founded on the principles of proven, safe and effective practices, Health Infusion provides a different type of experience: boutique, luxury services that recognize the need for upscale individualized client options. We provide access to high-quality information and practitioners in a comfortable, confidential environment.


Whether your wellness journey is just beginning, or you are an avid health enthusiast, Health Infusion Bermuda Ltd. can provide the guidance and services to ensure a successful outcome.  


We are uniquely qualified to effectively address a myriad of needs including: existing health concerns, appearance enhancement and preventative healthcare options. Named for the core services provided, Health Infusion allows clients to infuse and enhance their bodies with nutrients and natural products that provide internal and external benefits.

  • Nutrient Therapies
  • Naturopathic Services
  • Natural Aesthetics
  • Advanced Aesthetics