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Visit Arches Podiatry if you suffer from painful or tired feet &/or lower limbs

Your feet house a quarter of the bones in our entire bodies – in addition to various muscles, ligaments and joints. This makes them extremely vulnerable to injury and diseases that can affect the entire body.


Podiatrists fully understand the structure and movement of the foot and lower limbs. They are able to diagnose foot conditions, identify systemic overall health conditions that present with foot or lower limb symptoms – and recommend appropriate treatment plans.


It is a common misconception that painful feet are a normal side effect from everyday activities. For this reason, only a fraction of individuals suffering from sore feet seek out professional advice. Just as you would visit your dentist for a toothache, you should visit a podiatrist if you suffer from painful or tired feet and/or lower limbs.

  • Dr. Natalie Bennett
  • Dr. Stuart McIntosh