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My Bermuda Post is the best place to find affordable shipping rates in Bermuda. Register for free and get a US shipping address immediately. You can even store your purchases for up to 30 days for free, allowing you to wait for other shipments to arrive. Have up to 12 personal delivery addresses on your account and get free home deliveries. The premier company for freight forwarding from the US to Bermuda.

How do I upload my Invoice?

To upload your invoice, please copy and paste the invoice or indication of value received from the vendor onto a Word document and save it as a PDF or JPG document, no larger than 2MB large.

Can I have my mail item delivered to a sub-office location?

Yes – Via your MyBermudaPost Account settings page and then Address Book, you can add any of the following addresses below as a delivery location: Crawl Post Office: 42 Radnor Road, Hamilton Parish, CR 01 Devonshire Post Office: 2 Orange Valley Road, Devonshire, DV 06 Flatts Post Office: 65 Middle Road, Smith’s, FL 04 Mangrove Bay Post Office: 55 Mangrove Bay Road, Sandys, MA 02 St. George’s Post Office: 11 Water Street, St. George’s, GE 05 Southampton Post Office: 2 Church Road, Southampton, SN 01 Warwick Post Office: 70 Middle Road, Warwick, WK 03 General Post Office: 56 Church Street, Hamilton, HM 12