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Description, also known as, is a group of people who believe in the health benefits of kratom. Its main aim is to provide consumers with reliable information and evidence-based clarifications about this herbal supplement. It also supports scientific research into kratom's properties and uses. is committed to ensuring that kratom is produced in a safe, reliable, and effective manner. It also requires manufacturers to undergo an audit and meet strict guidelines. In addition, it educates consumers, sellers, suppliers, and government agencies about the health benefits and safety of kratom. was founded in 2014 and launched in 2016. It is a non-profit organization and does not pay taxes. It uses surplus funds to help the consumer. The goal of is to restore access to kratom to consumers and protect the consumer's rights in the United States. has created standards for kratom vendors by implementing a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program. This initiative improves the quality and credibility of kratom. Companies that adhere to GMP will have their kratom tested in laboratories. This is a good sign for consumers who want to buy kratom.

Despite the FDA's continued attacks on kratom, it continues to garner great support from fans and enthusiasts alike. is a great voice in the fight to protect the medicinal herb kratom. has supported law enforcement efforts to eradicate contaminated kratom. However, the FDA has still struggled to understand the herbal plant's chemical composition and the value of its medicinal properties. Only time will tell whether the FDA will finally see the importance of kratom as a therapeutic agent.'s website aims to educate consumers about the benefits of kratom. The webpage covers the latest research about the plant and how it affects the health and safety of consumers. It also includes a forum community. One of the most important aspects of's website is that it promotes the safety of kratom. also works to protect the environment and the health of consumers. This includes preventing kratom from being shipped out of the country and preventing it from causing pollution.

Kratom has been gaining popularity in the United States. People who want to stop their drug addictions are increasingly turning to kratom as an alternative to prescription medications. It is estimated that over 3 million people in the US use kratom. The kratom industry is rapidly growing, with over a billion dollars in sales each year. Kratom is becoming an affordable alternative to opioid withdrawal medication and prescription painkillers. This resurgence in popularity is a threat to the pharmaceutical industry.