Easy Access Consulting

134 North Shore Road,, Devonshire Parish, Bermuda, | Directions

Easy Access Consulting Ltd. (EAC) is a local IT Consultancy firm providing Network and Operations support for small to medium size business’ since 2001.


Over the last 20 years we have gone from strength to strength, increasing our available services to meet the ever complex and growing needs of our business customers.


EAC’s Home Premium Service

EAC now offers premium hardware and antivirus monitoring for home users. We can now extend monitoring services, typically found in corporate environments to home users at an affordable price.


MAC Support

EAC services Macintosh computers and accessories. Macintosh software and configuration support has been a long overlook area in the local computer industry. We are now able to provide another resource for Macintosh users in Bermuda. Whether initial installation, configuring your internet, Home or Office network or configuring your many Macintosh Accessories we can assist with our regularly prompt and efficient service we have come to be known for.

Onsite or drop off
Software installation and upgrades
General check and Quarterly Maintenance
Home backup solution


EAC Nexus

A turnkey business solution you can use right out of the box.


Corporate Solutions

Data/Systems Management
End User Support
New Installations and Support
Firewalls / Security
Hardware Exposure
Preventative maintenance
Microsoft operating systems
Microsoft SQL Server
Accounting software support
Supporting desktop systems

Network and Infrastructure
Network Installation and administration