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We can meet your Bonsai garden design needs
Successfully growing Bonsai trees in Bermuda for the last 8 years

Bonsai trees symbolize harmony, peace, order of thoughts, balance and all that is good with nature. There are 5 basic styles of bonsai trees and each derives their names from the tree’s angle of growth.


BONSAI GARDEN DESIGN specializes exclusively in a wide variety of bonsai trees from Keishi • Mame • Shohin which are considered to be the smallest bonsai.


Shito bonsai is also one of the smallest bonsai and is great for short-term growth. Fukinagashi (windswept bonsai) is where the branches and the trunk grow to one side as if the wind has been constantly blowing the tree in one direction.


Kabudachi bonsai can have multi-trunks (more than 3) and it grows out of a single root system but is still considered to be one single tree.


Whatever your interest is our in-house bonsai specialist can guide and assist you in choosing the best bonsai tree for your needs.

  • Bonsai trees for beginners
  • Bonsai Garden, including irrigation
  • Bonsai trees for the more advanced enthusiast