DeCouto, Marshall, B.Sc., L.AC., DIPL, AC

3 Canal Road, Pembroke Parish, Bermuda, HM 09
We believe that health is more than the absence of pain and disease; health is the vibrant expression of our life force. At Wise Body Wellness we use the gentle yet powerful and effective modalities of acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Cranio-Sacral therapy. Each of these therapies can access the innate life energy within you to re-establish energetic balance between the Body, Mind and Spirit. Through balance, you are able to achieve and maintain a state of wellness. With a commitment to your health and these healing therapies, you can experience a reduction and subsequent alleviation of pain; deep relaxation, improvement in your energy, and a calmer, more grounded approach to the stressors in your life. You may find that once your physical pain is diminished and vitality improves, a space is created for your inherent strengths to emerge and play a greater role in your life. These unexpected benefits can lead to deeper healing and an increased quality of life. Listening at all levels to what our clients need, rather than placing them in a diagnostic box, is how we approach each session. We provide a tailored treatment for your specific needs and sensitivities. We have a gentle approach with an acute awareness of how the body is responding in the moment. With this awareness, We are able to adjust the treatment in the moment to provide the best results for our clients. Holding space for our clients to process the change they wish to undertake at that moment defines who we are as practitioners.