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In April 2016, Ras Mykkal and released Bermuda's Flying Flowers Activity Book, which has become a top island seller! A children's activity book based on the original of the same name, which features illustrations by Anna Terceira, it offers a glimpse into its namesake but is geared towards little ones. Educational and engaging, it contains connect the dots, mazes, word searches and other fun features. Both the original Bermuda's Flying Flowers and the Activity Book are available at 39,000 schools, librairies, colleges, retail outlets and more worldwide. The first time information about island butterflies is available globally, you'll find them at BSOA, Brighton Nurseries, the Bermuda Book Store and Brown & Co. locally. Both books are also available locally at Bermuda Book Store, Brown & Co, BSOA and Brighton Nurseries. To learn more, click here. 

by Jim Ramsay
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