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The Department of Parks would like to remind the public that camping permits are required before camping can take place at the designated campgrounds. Permits are purchased from the Parks Office located in the Global House. Camping price:$15 per night per site   Designated campgrounds: Ferry Point Park, Chaplin Bay and Higgs & Horseshoe Islands   There is a lot of activity for camping and picnics at government parks and beaches during the Cup Match Holiday. For individuals who want to camp outside of the three approved campgrounds mentioned above, the Ministry of Public Works and the Department of Parks have created certain criteria.   At Coney Island, a significant environmental and reforestation effort is still in progress. Camping therefore is NOT ALLOWED IN THE PARK. Picnicking will be the only permitted activity.   Blue Hole Park / Nature Reserve and Coopers Island Nature Reserve camping is prohibited. The dune just beyond Jobsons' Cove in South Shore Park is not allowed for camping because this region has to be conserved for rare and delicate species. This policy is posted on a sign alerting park visitors.   Contact The Department of Parks for more information.         

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