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AP Marine is pleased to announce that they have Cobia center console boats now available. Spend any time on a new Cobia and you’ll see and feel a difference. Boating and fishing on a Cobia are just easier because of Cobia's excellent design.   The distinction comes from starting with a goal for each new model meeting a unique set of peak performance criteria based upon that model’s intended usage. This results-first approach puts the user’s specific needs and wants above all else and leaves no room for compromise. From there Cobia uses their vast experience as serious anglers, avid boaters, and craftsmen to work backward into designs that deliver more productive, comfortable, and enjoyable days on the water.   Call AP Marine today to get more information about their new Cobia line of center console boats.

by Jim Ramsay
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Nursing Home that is Bermudian owned and operated by a Registered Nurse and a Social worker, both of whom have seventeen (17) years of proven work experience in the clinical and community setting. Located in a private, tranquil setting...

P.O. Box HM 3193, City of Hamilton, Bermuda, HM NX

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