Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre

1 Hall St, Southside, Saint David's Island, Southside, Bermuda, DV 04 | Directions
Bermuda Hospitals Board Offers Telephone Support Line For Families
Bermuda Hospitals Board’s Child & Adolescent Services team is offering phone support to families with...
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Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre to Temporarily Suspend Service
Bermuda Hospitals Board announced they are "suspending service" at the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre in order for them...
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Have a Minor Injury or Illness?

Want to avoid the wait in the ER?

Are close to the East End?

Lamb Foggo Urent Care Centre, is just what you need! For sprains, stains, pulls, scraps, cuts, coughs, cold etc.

Anything potenitally serious, please go straight to Emergency Room at K.E.M.H or call 911