Ministry Of Public Works - Waste Management Section

Tynes Bay Drop Off Facility, Palmetto Rd., Pembroke Parish, Bermuda, | Directions
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Garbage & Recycling

Everything you need to know about Waste Management in Bermuda; garbage collection and recycling schedules, composting and other services.


Collection Schedule for Residential Waste


Once per week garbage collection will continue until the end of the calendar year 2018.


Monday: All of Sandys Parish. Southampton Parish west up to and including Lighthouse Road from Middle Road to South Road.


Tuesday: Southampton Parish east of Lighthouse Road. All of Warwick Parish. Paget West up to and including Chapel Road, S Hill and Southcote Road.

Wednesday: Paget Parish east of Chapel Road, from, but not including T-Street and Kent Avenue, Devonshire Parish. East Broadway. Cavendish Road. Pembroke Parish west of Blackwatch Pass.

Thursday: Pembroke Parish east of Blackwatch Pass. Devonshire Parish east of T-Street. All of Smith's Parish except the area east of Devil's Hole Hill.

Friday: Smith's Parish east of Devil's Hole Hill. All of Hamilton Parish. All of St. Georges Parish. (Unchanged)


Place garbage out in lidded bins or plastic bags by 7:30am on your collection day.


Please no paper bags - they fall apart!

Contact the Marsh Folly Collections Department at 292-1517 with questions regarding household waste collections. For questions regarding recycling collection email or call 501-3043.


See the full schedule: