Arguably one of Bermuda’s most breathtaking sights, the Great Sound is Bermuda’s largest semi-contained body of water, and in December 2014 was selected as the battleground for the the world’s most prestigious sailing event: the 35th America’s Cup (AC35).Located in the island’s west end, the Great Sound is surrounded by land to the south, west and east, while its north side opens up into the Atlantic ocean. It is home to many smaller islands, a diverse range of marine life, and perhaps most importantly to the America’s Cup sailors, near-perfect wind conditions for competitive sailing. The land surrounding the Great Sound offers ideal viewing conditions for America’s Cup racing, as Bermuda’s topography and fishhook shape lend to the west end acting as a sort of “amphitheatre” to the massive body of water. There are several ways to experience the exquisite beauty of the Great Sound. Locals and visitors alike can explore by ferry, sailboat, charter boat or simply a relaxing swim. If you want to view it from the land, your best bets are Spanish Point (Pembroke), Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse (Southampton) and Fort Scaur (Somerset), as all three offer gorgeous vantage points from which to appreciate its full beauty.


The North Atlantic Island of Bermuda has no fresh water springs, rivers or lakes. The colorful pastel limestone houses are equipped with white roofs in order to harvest rain. They also have small steps on them, which slows down the heavy rainfall, which helps the gutters collect the water and store it in tanks below the house. As there are no permanent steams and the lakes are brackish, the system was forced on the early settlers. It later became enforced in house-building regulations, for each square foot of roof space; all houses must have eight gallons of tank space.This design has many benefits. Being made of limestone means it is heavier and not easily shifted by hurricane as well as having anti-bacterial properties.

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