BIAS Global Portfolios SPC

BIAS. Wessex House, 4th Floor, 45 Reid St, City of Hamilton, Bermuda, HM 12 | Directions

BIAS operates 3 mutual funds under the brand name BIAS Global Portfolios SPC.  


BIAS Global Equities Fund

A strict top-down approach is applied with a focus on macroeconomic analysis. Strategic allocations are made in various geographic, sector, style, and market capitalizations to exploit long-term trends and minimize risk.

This fund is suitable for investors who have a higher tolerance for risk and a long time horizon.

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BIAS Global Balanced Fund

This fund combines equities for growth with fixed income securities and money market instruments, with the objective of providing growth but smoothing out equity market volatility through strategic and tactical asset class shifts.

It is suitable for conservative to moderate investors who seek medium to long-term real capital appreciation whilst minimizing risk.

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BIAS Short Duration Income Fund

This fund is a convenient and efficient vehicle for investing in high quality money market and short duration income producing instruments which offer liquidity, low risk and attractive returns consistent with prudent investment management.

This fund is suitable for those with a very low risk tolerance or a short time horizon.

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