Keep Bermuda Beautiful

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Keep Bermuda Beautiful Clean-Ups
Throughout the year, KBB carries out monthly neighbourhood clean ups to target specific areas around the Island that...
by Jim Ramsay
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Keep Bermuda Beautiful’s mission is to engage individuals to take greater responsibility in reducing waste and eliminating litter through action and education.


KBB partners with the government, community and private organizations to provide assistance at events by providing additional garbage cans for spectators and attendees to put their trash. In addition, KBB partners with schools, PTAs, sports and community groups to promote, through education and awareness the importance of keeping Bermuda beautiful.


The core work of KBB revolves around the volunteers and other interested members of the community who participate in clean ups. Keep Bermuda Beautiful's campaign of monthly clean ups, augmented by trash-a-thons, community pick ups, corporate and individual efforts total 27 events up to April 2008. So far this year KBB has welcomed more than 450 volunteers, who have given over 2000 hours and removed more than 16,000 pounds of litter and recyclables from our environment