Government of Bermuda - Public Transportation

26 Palmetto Rd., Devonshire Parish, Bermuda, DV 05 | Directions
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  • Located in Devonshire
  • Pink & Blue Buses
  • Bus Schedules & Route Maps
  • Daily Commuter Service
  • School Bus Service
  • Charter Service
  • Sightseeing Service
  • Special Event Shuttles

The Department of Public Transportation, based in Hamilton, manages the road and sea transport on the island of Bermuda.


We are committed to providing safe, convenient and cost-effective public transportation to residents and visitors. We own the pink and blue buses and publish bus routes and schedules. Public transport for the sea is managed by the Department of Marine and Port Services, however, our tokens, tickets, and passes can be used on ferries too. We provide general information on scheduled service and also plan to increase bus service in order to serve you better.


We oversee the island wide omnibus operation and provide a range of services, including Daily Commuter Service, School Bus Service, Charter Service and Sightseeing Service. We regularly submit performance reports, annual reports and five year plans to the Ministry of Transport and Regulatory Affairs.