Warwick Academy

117 Middle Rd., Warwick Parish, Bermuda, PG 01 | Directions

Welcome to the Warwick Academy School. Whether you are a regular visitor or if this is your first visit I hope you will enjoy browsing and finding out about this historic school. 2012 is an important year in our history as we celebrate our 350th birthday year as a school. We have a yearlong series of events planned to celebrate, starting with our Opening Ceremony on January 18th in the school hall at 5:30p.m. It is a privilege and an honor to be the Principal of this dynamic and forward thinking school, and to have the opportunity to work with a dedicated and professional Board of Governors and Faculty, as well as gifted and hard working students. We are a selective, co-educational school with a strong pastoral and curricular emphasis and our 770 students range from those in Year 1 through Year 13. Our aim is to encourage leadership in all areas so that teachers work with students who have a sound base across the arts and sciences; students who are self motivated, want to be challenged, who are curious, excited risk takers and who have met, coped with, and learned from failure. This involves not only the academic and intellectual but also the social, creative and physical development of the student through a wide variety of pursuits. We are a school with happy, multi-talented students who are able to compete in the global workforce and who are challenged by international issues. You are very welcome to come and visit and to find out for yourself what makes the school a special place, and to help us celebrate this very special 350th anniversary year.