Airport, L.F. Wade International

3 Cahow Way, Saint George, Bermuda, DD 03 | Directions
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Bermuda's sole airport, L.F. Wade International Airport is located in the parish of St. George’s. It serves as a major hub for several carriers including British Airways, Air Canada, Jetblue Airways, Delta airlines and WestJet.

L.F. Wade International Airport is a major connection between Bermuda and the outside world. Facilities include one passenger and cargo terminal as well as an airport hangar. It is also a NASA Space Shuttle launch-abort site that could be used during low- and mid-inclination launches.

Offering service to 14 European, Canadian and American destinations, including Toronto, Miami and New York, L.F. Wade is committed to enhance the travelling experience for the passengers.


  • Bermuda Airport
  • Located in St. George's
  • Passenger Terminal