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Mind your health with Diabetes. You Matter!

In the world of diabetes, taking care of your mental health should be an integral part of your diabetes care.

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Unite for diabetes!

At the Bermuda Diabetes Association, we strive to raise awareness of diabetes in hopes to reduce the number of individuals with the disease and improving the lives of those affected by the disease. We do this by providing educational awareness programmes in the community and schools, as well as through our full-service pharmacy where we supply diabetes medications and supplies.


It is our objective to strengthen the delivery of diabetes prevention, care, and management programmes and services through innovation.

Through generous donations, we are able to offer free medication to people with diabetes who are either uninsured or underinsured.


There are many ways to get involved with Bermuda Diabetes Association, from volunteering or fundraising to donating or becoming a member. We welcome everyone who wants to get involved with us. 

With your donations and help, we will provide care, medication, education, and support programs to help adults and children in financial need. 

If you have a particular programme you would like to support, we can guarantee that your money will go directly to that cause. 


For more information, and to learn more about diabetes, please visit our website

  • Diabetes 101
  • Personal Diabetes Management
  • Community Education
  • School Programs
  • Lunch Box Planning
  • Insulin Pump Therapy
  • BPA Guidelines
  • Pharmacy