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Methods of Payment

Ship your online purchases to Bermuda easily and quickly with a Mailboxes membership. You’ll get a dedicated account number and USA shipping address (and bonus! That address comes with ZERO sales tax). Not to mention, every time you use that address you rack up discounts through our rewards program.

We offer air-freight shipping of any belongings our clients want to send to their new homes as quickly and safely as possible. We take inventory of everything you are shipping with our service, individually hand- pack your items, handle all the Customs documents, and ensure delivery of your items directly to your new address. ProPacks relocation service is fully insured, offering you that extra peace of mind while you’re en route.

Don’t love your new purchase? No sweat, we can send it back for up to 70% off your original import price. We’ll find the least expensive courier service to send your particular document or package overseas. Rates differ depending on the destination and courier used.

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