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Starting with Bermuda's own Good Friday KiteFest Celebration, we've gone around the world to see other countries that...
by Kristen


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New Traditions Restaurant
2 Middle Rd., Sandys Parish, Bermuda, SB 03
Sung Sing Restaurant (Hamilton)
57 Victoria St., City of Hamilton, Bermuda, HM 12
Ever wonder what the big deal is with Thanksgiving? Try it yourself and find out! 
by Kristen
Right about now you're scouting for the perfect gift for your secret santa. Bermuda has tons! Check it out.  
by Kristen
Where does Mother's Day come from anyway? Take this Mother's Day quiz to test your knowledge on Bermuda's mothers. Give...
by Kristen
Don't miss out on this spectacular Island event! 
Experience all the fun, excitement and traditions of the Cup Match...


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See all the fun, excitement and traditions of the Good Friday and Easter...


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Experience all the fun, excitement and traditions of the Bermuda Day...


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Don't miss these great holiday events and activities in Bermuda! 
Bermuda's holidays are steeped in tradition and culture.
by Yabsta
Test your knowledge of Bermuda's proud US-Bermuda Race. All sailors hit the high seas this Friday, June 20th. Know your...
by Kristen
The Newport-Bermuda Race is sailed almost entirely out of sight of land
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