Located about 600 miles East of North Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean, the island of Bermuda is a sub-tropical paradise brimming with natural beauty, rich heritage and global economic influence. Both a popular tourism destination and a strategic hub of international business, Bermuda is home to a diverse range of cultures, with multiple ethnicities and nationalities from around the globe represented within it’s 21 square miles.

A British colony, the island is technically under the rule of the United Kingdom, but nonetheless has its own parliament, senate and executive branch in terms of local Government. Home to pink sand beaches, turquoise waters, pleasant weather, celebrated restaurants, world-class accommodations and famously friendly people, Bermuda is cherished by locals and visitors alike, and is ideal for those seeking a more laid back, slower-paced lifestyle.

There’s lots to do on our stunning little island, and we hope our visitor guide helps to steer you in the right direction and discover something incredible.

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L.F. Wade International Airport
XOJet 546 09:47 am
General Aviation 245 11:30 am
Delta Air Lines 437 12:00 pm
Air Canada 942 12:45 pm
Delta Air Lines 561 01:28 pm
JetBlue Airways 203 02:07 pm
American Airlines 824 02:11 pm
British Airways 2233 06:10 pm
Iberia Airlines 7622 06:10 pm
American Airlines 1416 08:42 pm
General Aviation 246 07:15 pm
American Airlines 1443 08:30 am
JetBlue Airways 2232 08:30 am
American Airlines 1325 08:44 am
XOJet 546 11:30 am
General Aviation 336 01:00 pm
Delta Air Lines 1773 01:00 pm
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 7309 01:00 pm
Air Canada 943 01:35 pm
Delta Air Lines 328 02:28 pm

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