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Happy Family Day! Bermuda is great in winter! Although slower paced, the weather and paradise surroundings still...
  Bermuda is known for its smiling faces, we explored why it's a good idea to keep it that way. Check it...
by Kristen

Sep 29, 05:00 pm - 09:00 pm

Bermuda Society of Arts, City Hall, City of Hamilton, Bermuda,

Test your knowledge of Bermuda's proud US-Bermuda Race. All sailors hit the high seas this Friday, June 20th. Know your...
by Kristen

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Shelly Bay Nature Reserve,

Daniel's Island Fort , Somerset,

Kindley Field Park, Hamilton Parish,

Looking to throw the party of the year? We can't guarantee that, but we have put this checklist together for a...
by Kristen
Ever wonder what the big deal is with Thanksgiving? Try it yourself and find out! 
by Kristen
The biggest charity fundraiser in Bermuda
by boss
All the info you need in case of a medical emergency in Bermuda.
Starting with Bermuda's own Good Friday KiteFest Celebration, we've gone around the world to see other countries that...
by Kristen
Looking to have a special Thanksgiving Dinner with the family? Here are a few restaurants that are inviting you to join...
by Kristen
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