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Dr. Nekia OM PhD is a Bermudian born physician of Oriental Medicine, Relationship Counselor, and Sex Therapist who takes great joy and pride in being a pioneer within the fields of natural health & wellness. 


Upon completion of her Honors Bachelors degree in Psychology (focusing in NeuroPsychology) from the University of Maryland - Baltimore County Dr. Nekia went on to begin her studies in Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and Herbal Medicine.


Following nine years of university study and training, Dr. Nekia was bestowed additional degrees which include  a Bachelor of Health Science, a Master of Oriental Medicine, and various certifications which qualifies her to be a global health care provider as well as a primary care physician in US states - such as Florida.  


Seeking to add a more specialized psycho-sexual component to her health services, Dr. Nekia decided to further her studies by going on to complete her Bachelor's in Metaphysics, Master's in Divinity,  and PhD in Transpersonal Counseling (focusing on the Transformation of Self, Human Sexuality, & Relationships).  All three of these degrees qualifies her as a global service provider within the professional fields of counseling, life coaching, and sex therapy.  


Dr. Nekia uniquely brings a conscious focus to her patient & client services which are aimed at creating and preserving health, and healing within our bodies and our intimate relationships. 


Dr. Nekia is quickly becoming known for her unique variety of effective treatments, confidential professionalism, and non-judgmental guidance, that are built upon her keen understanding of the complex nature of the human body, sexuality, and relationships. 


She is the author of The Naked Truth column featured every Monday in the Royal Gazette's Lifestyle section, and is proud to have finally reopened her private office in 2016.