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Arboretum , | Directions

The Arboretum, a Bermuda National Park, is located in Devonshire Parish. Enjoy a picnic here, no organized flower beds or formal gardens, but a great walking area with shade trees.

It is accessible by the route 3 bus and a short walk - go via Montpelier Road, off Middle Road.  It is open from sunrise to sunset, free to the public. 

A serene inland setting of 22 acres of open space with a gazebo, tall trees, open meadows,  pathways, shrubs, collections of conifers, palms, genus ficus and an ornamental bridge that has small pools underneath. 

The property has an interesting history; from the mid 19th century, like most of the Parish at the time, it was part of British Army lands at "Montpelier" nearby - the private house which is now owned by the Bermuda Government and lived in by the Deputy Governor. In 1962, some years after the British Army left Bermuda, the lands were planted as an arboretum.

Scooter and vehicle parking available.