Admiralty House Park

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Admiralty House Park, | Directions

This historic park was once the headquarters for the Atlantic division of the British Royal Navy. Located just off of North Shore road in Spanish point, it boasts beautiful scenery and a walking trail which will lead down to its beach at Clarence Cove. The British Royal Navy were given this property from the Bermuda Government as a gift in the 1800's. Admiralty House Park is known for the cliffs all around that locals enjoy jumping from into the waters below. Also, with the beach and dock, there are shallow and deep ends of the parks waters making a popular swimming area open for anyone to use. For more information contact the Ministry of Enviroment and Sports: Department of Parks. Department of Parks, Botanical Gardens169 South Road, Paget, DV 04. Mailing: P.O. Box HM 20, Hamilton HM AX. Fax: 441-236-3711