17th c Carter House; the 1612 Settlers Dwelling & 17th.

Southside Rd, Saint David's Island, Bermuda, DD 03 | Directions
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Carter House is believed to be one of the oldest Bermuda vernacular farmhouses in St David’s and indeed Bermuda surviving largely in its original structure and form for over 3 centuries. The House is now a museum preserving the one of a kind culture and history of the St David’s Islanders.

The museum exhibits whaling, piloting, fishing, boat building, farming and sailing through the St David’s Islanders themselves, their homes and occupations. The early life on St David’s was poor but happy and wholesome, and is cleverly illustrated by the house itself and the stories it contains.

Learn about Martha Hayward’s Palmetto hats, the Hump Back Whale, Ambergris (see the real thing), The family tree of the Hayward’s, The life of the ships Pilot, the important 14 foot dinghy, ghosts, the history of the claw hammer (fascinating) and the tools used in 1612 and so much more.

  • Our vision is to bring 17th century Bermuda to life, the first 100 years. The first timber framed mud and stud home to the first Bermuda Limestone home in a span of 100 years. To accentuate the historic appearance of the site we have planted many endemic and native trees and plants with lovely gardens of Bermuda Mystery Roses. We will reenact the period for visitor groups by dressing in period costume and demonstrating early building techniques and the 18th and 17th century lifestyle including cooking methods/recipes always encouraging interaction.