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by Charlie 22nd January 2014

What is collagen?  
The Good News for the Aging Process
   By: David Nelson, Ph.D.


Essentially, Collagen is the glue that holds us   together. It is a protein that  makes up about 30% of the body and is a natural component in our tendons, joints, ligaments, muscles, hair, etc. Twenty-four percent of the dry protein weight in the human body is collagen the fibrous, elastic, and connective tissue in our bodies. When our body’s essential supply of collagen is low, many areas are affected, causing weakness, fatigue and overall lack of performance. Over time, the aging process causes collagen to decrease, resulting in excess weight, reduced energy and more wrinkling. Collagen supplementation is essential to support the body during these natural processes.


“Collagen may be a fountain of youth that fights visible signs of aging!”


Then                                                                                         Now

The Story

Michel Grise’ of Montreal Quebec, Canada, a formulator of many years, was asked years ago to help with a problem in the poultry industry, a health issue called fatty liver syndrome in chickens. He designed a formula of collagen that in just a few short weeks caused the hens to start producing eggs again. The rest is history….His doctor suggested Michel should himself lose a few pounds and maybe would do well with “his own stuff!” He tried it and it worked!


Suggestions for use

- Take a tablespoon of Calorad® on an empty stomach, (generally 3 hours after a meal) with eight ounces of water right at sleep time, and  preferably just before hitting the pillow and closing your eyes.

- Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

- Be fully committed to the program for at least 3-6 months and “try your best” to live a balanced life and make sure to weigh and measure yourself at the start!



“Since my first tablespoon of Calorad on February 19, 2001, I have lost 203 pounds and 284 inches from my body. My weight loss and new healthy lifestyle have profoundly and positively affected my life.” Timmie Duncan - Toledo, Ohio

Chiropractic View of Calorad®


When I first received literature on Calorad, I was intrigued by the concept, but of course a little skeptical. As a chiropractor, the concept of building muscle mass had more implications than just losing fat. Muscles attach to tendons, which of course attaches to bones. It occurred to me that if muscle mass were to increase, that could potentially benefit tendonitis and other musculoskeletal conditions. Since I see many patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I thought it would be an interesting product to evaluate. Now what is particularly interesting after seeing my patients use Calorad is that some patients told me that they had dramatic increases in energy and some of my fibromyalgia patients have had a significant reduction in pain. As muscle mass increased, people were getting better. Although I encourage everyone to give it at least 90 days before making judgment, I have not seen any patient go more than six weeks before noticing an improvement. I have not had one patient that hasn’t lost inches or weight." Steven M. Silverman, D.C.

Posted by Charlie
Wednesday 22nd, January 2014 11:08pm.

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