Walsingham Nature Reserve

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Tom Moore's Jungle, Walsingham Nature Reserve, Hamilton Parish, | Directions

Walsingham Nature Reserve is formed by Idwal Hughes Nature Reserve and Tom Moore's Jungle (which is how most locals refer to the entire reserve). Covering a total of 12 acres, it is located on the oldest geological formation of Bermuda. Home to some of the most astonishing caves on the island such as: Walsingham Cave, Castle Grotto and Fern Sink, to name a few.  The underwater connections of most of these caves form the Walsingham Cave Systen. You can also find many sinkholes, mangroves, marine ponds, swimming grottoes, woodlands and coastlines.  It is a wonderful place to get fully into nature and discover endangered species of plants and animals native and endemic to the island.


"Tom Moore's Jungle" comes from Tom Moore, the Irish poet, who spent a few months in Bermuda in 1844 as an Admiralty court official register and wrote many of his verses under a calabash tree that was made famous in one of his poems. He also used to frequent a tavern, the same one that is now called Tom Moore’s Tavern, which sits at the centre of the reserve.


The Reserve can be reached by Bus Bus Service Route 1 and Route 3 and includes limited car and cycle parking. Access is from the road leading to Tom Moore's Tavern off Harrington Sound Road in Hamilton Parish. Access may also be gained through Blue Hole Park.