5 Ways to Protect Your Skin From A Windy Bermuda Bike Ride

by Kristen 6th November 2014

Mopeds Bermuda


With more than half of Bermuda on motor bikes, many riders—men and women—can benefit from learning how to protect the skin from wind damage.


What most don't know is that, whether you're renting or own, the winds can strip the skin of natural oils causing lasting damage. This is true at any time of the year, regardless of outdoor temperature. Fortunately, there are plenty of small actions you can add to your daily ride that will protect your skin from the Bermuda bike winds.


Buy or Rent a Full Visor Helmet


When preparing yourself for the bike, try to fit yourself with a clear visor that covers the full face. Oleander Cycles offers many different sizes, shapes and colours for people looking to buy. If you're renting from Elbow Beach Cycles, bring along a lightweight scarf to cover your exposed areas. A pull-down visor is the most convenient as it keeps unwanted irritants away and helps to avoid most contact with the wind, minimizing damage. 


Find a Good Face and Lip Moisterizer


Being in the wind for 40 minutes + a day can be taxing on your face. Over exposure can cause dry patches to form on cheeks and lips because these areas have fewer oil glands. After a ride into town, getting into the habit of applying a moisturizer will protect from permanent chapping. Gillian's Skin Clinic on South Shore road suggest Monu Professional Skin Care; a line that has products for all skin types.


 Mopeds Bermuda


Apply Petroleum Jelly 


This is the oldest trick in the book, literally. Petroleum jelly has been used as a healing remedy since the 1850s and we say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Bermuda stores such as The Somerset Pharmacy (Somerset) and Robertson's Drug Store (St. George's), sell pocket-sized tins of Vaseline that are perfect for travel. Applying a thin layer before heading out locks in moisture and creates an additional barrier against winds.


Sun Protecting Lotions


Most don't see this as a daily application but sunscreen not only protects you from the UV rays but those with an SPF 15 or higher also shield skin against irritants like wind, smoke and extreme heat or cold. Apply before heading out for a ride, wether you're on the front or the back, you'll feel the difference.


Drink Water 


Something that, in theory, we all know but don't put into practice: Drinking tons of water helps to keep the body hydrated and aids in maintaining moisture in the cells. It's refreshing, helps your brain function and helps to maintain energy levels. All this to say, the healthier your body is, the better to fight off irritants and the longer your skin stays fresh from constant contact with harsh winds. 


Wearing a helmet with a full visor, wearing regular face and lip moisturizers, applying petroleum jelly and sun protecting lotions and drinking tons of water are all ways that you can avoid the potentially permanent damage to your sun shiny face. These are providing relief in the short term, yes, but more importantly, you can still enjoy that windy Bermuda bike ride without worrying about long-term skin damage.


Photo credit: Pick one! by Sergio Leenen, Flickr User, CC 

Photo credit: Bermuda scooter rental lifestyle: fun on the run, Elbow Beach Cycles, Flickr User, CC 



Posted by Kristen
6th November 2014 9:09 am.
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