6 Fascinating Facts About Bermuda and Her History: Part 1

by ChelseO 12th August 2015

6 Fascinating Facts About Bermuda and Her History: Part 1


The little island of Bermuda, located in the North Atlantic ocean, boasts a rich history dating back many, many centuries. Founded in the early 1500s, it is a British Overseas Territory situated off the eastern coast of North America. How much do you know about our beautiful rock? Read on to find out!


  1. The uninhabited island of Bermuda was first sighted by Spaniard Juan de Bermudez in 1505. It was named after him!
  2. In 1609, a ship called the Sea Venture, a member of a fleet commanded by Admiral Sir George Somers, shipwrecked on the reefs of Bermuda. Somers, alongside his crew of 150, used the island's native cedar trees, as well as materials from the wreck, to build two new crafts: the Deliverance and the Patience.
  3. Bermuda is home to a replica of the Deliverance, a statue of Admiral Sir George Somers and a Hall of History mural. The mural, which can be found at the National Museum of Bermuda, depicts many scenes found throughout history.
  4. Richard Norwood, who first arrived on island in 1613, divided Bermuda up into 9 parishes: Sandys, Southampton, Warwick, Paget, Pembroke, Devonshire, Smith's, Hamilton parish, St. George's parish, the City of Hamilton and the Town of St. George's.
  5. The first Bermuda Parliament assembled in 1620. Following this, the British government took control and the island became a British colony in 1684.
  6. The first edition of the Bermuda Gazette and Weekly Advertiser, the islands' first newspaper, was published in 1784.


What do you think about these fascinating facts? Stay tuned for Part 2, which will discuss the 1800-1900s!



Posted by ChelseO
Wednesday, 12th August 2015, 03:25pm.
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