6 Fascinating Facts About Bermuda and Her History: Part 2

by ChelseO 17th August 2015

6 Fascinating Facts About Bermuda and Her History: Part 2


Part 2 is finally here! If you're craving more historical facts about this fascinating island we call home, we have just the post for you...


  1. Work began on the Royal Naval Dockyard, one of Bermuda's most popular attractions today, in 1809. The project was taken on by Britian, who ultimately wished to transform the island into a fortified naval base.
  2. Slavery, which dated back to 1616 in Bermuda, was abolished on August 1st, 1834. Cup Match celebrates this historic, monumentous event! The following year, slaves aboard the American ship Enterprise, which was forced to dock on island, were freed.
  3. Portuguese immigrants arrived in Bermuda in 1849. They helped establish the onion as a major export via their hard work in agriculture.
  4. Bermuda's stunning Crystal Caves, one of the island's most sought-after experiences for locals and visitors, were first discovered in 1905 by Edgar Hollis and Carl Gibbons. The Bermuda Railway opened 26 years later in 1931. It closed in 1948 and is now the Railway Trail.
  5. Pan American Airways and Imperial Airways, which later became British Airways, began offering a joint service from the United States to Bermuda in 1937. Ed Trippe, the son of Juan Trippe, who founded Pan American Airways, went on to open the Rosewood Tucker Point's hotel.
  6. Bermuda's public bus service was launched, and motor cars were legalized for island natives and residents, in 1946. To date, rental cars for visitors are not permitted.


Are you an island native? Let us know your family's island history in the comments and you could be featured in an upcoming post!  

Posted by ChelseO
17th August 2015 12:00 am.
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