Personalized Beach Bbq Experience

by Yabsta Jun 18
60 Tuckers Point Drive, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda, HS 02 | Directions
Jun 18

Indulge in a tailored culinary affair with Rosewoods Bespoke Beach BBQ, expertly crafted by your dedicated chef. Customize your menu from a tempting array of appetizers, grilled meats, seafood, vegetables, sides, and delectable desserts. Your exclusive beachside table will be meticulously set up in advance, requiring no preparation or cleanup on your part, allowing you and your guests to relish in the aroma of the grill and the gentle murmur of the nearby waves.


DURATION: 4 HOURS (This experience can be enjoyed by up to 10 guests, pricing is available for 11+ guests on request)


PRICE: $200 (set-up charge)



Mon-Thurs: $105 (per adult) | $50 (per child) (under 13)


Fri-Sun: $130 (per adult) | $50 (per child) (under 13)


Beach Bonfire: $400 (medium) | USD500 (large)

(Gratuities not included)


Seasonal and weather conditions apply (recommended from May to October). Cancellations must be made 48 hours before the event; the full event price will be charged for late cancellations. Reserve your spot today at

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