Money Matters

by BermudaYP 4th, February 2016, 09:38pm

In Bermuda, the US dollar and Bermuda dollar are interchangeable. No other currency is accepted by retailers or hoteliers. Travellers’ cheques are not accepted. Local banks will facilitate currency exchange Monday through Friday during opening hours. Local banks will/will not cash travellers’ cheques.

Credit Cards


Hotels, resorts and most retail stores accept credit cards but you will want to confirm which cards prior to your journey.



There are a few things to know about tipping in Bermuda. An acceptable taxi tip is 15% and it will not be included in your fare.

Restaurants are a different matter. Most but not all restaurants include the tip in your cheque. Current rate is 17%. Be sure to check your tab to see if tip was included or ask your wait person. You will often see an area to add a tip even at establishments where the tip is already included so be careful you don’t tip twice. Similarly don’t assume that every restaurant adheres to the tip included policy and fail to tip your server. They work hard for the money.




Airport taxes are now built in to cruise ship and airline ticket fares so you will not be asked to pay any Bermuda entry/ exit fees while on island.

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