Emergency Contacts

by BermudaYP 4th, February 2016, 01:11pm

Emergency information Bermuda


Dial 911


There are several dedicated resources available in the event of an emergency in Bermuda. Similar to North America, you can dial 911 to to reach a switchboard that will direct you to either the Bermuda Police Service, the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service or the local Ambulance Service.


Emergency Broadcast


The official radio station during emergencies is 100.1 FM MHz. Through its Department of Communication & Information, the Bermuda Government also operates the Emergency Measures Organization (EMO), which is typically used to provide updates during hurricanes and severe weather. The EMO is also responsible for deciding on whether or not certain areas need to be evacuated during an emergency.


Shelters & Medical


Cedarbridge Academy Gymnasium


The Whitney Institute


King Edward Memorial Hospital acts as the primary emergency medical centre for the whole island, but if the the Causeway Bridge happens to be shut down for any reason, those in the East End can contact one of the following medical professionals for emergency care:


Dr. Peter Malan (331-8090)

Dr. Monica Hoeffert (236-4166)

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